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Small Business Laser Tag SetSmall Business Laser Tag Set
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The Small Business Laser tag set will suit you if you have already decided to start laser tag business, or you want to renew your laser tag equipment. It is somewhat similar to the easy start package, but it includes a number of additional devices for the game (MedKits, Domination points), and for configuration and testing (USB-base, RGB-Target). This is one of the most popular packages to start a laser tag business.

Please note that all our packages are just examples, so you can make your own package or add and delete items in this one. 
This price is for 9th generation Guns and headbands, if you need previous 8th generation or online X-gen, please add these options. 


AK-12LT "Predator" PRO (2 items) + Smart RGB headband (2 items) or or MP9-LT «Phoenix» (2 items) + Smart RGB headband (2 items)


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